New 2019 course dates released!

Exciting to post more course dates for Walks 'N' Wags Pet First Aid, Off The Grid and Mutt N Me Muskoka Retreat! These courses are not only educational and hands-on (my favourite way to learn) they are life saving skills. Learn how to perform CPR on a dog/cat, how to identify sign and symptoms of illnesses, how to bandage a wounded paw or ear, and SO much more! Check out the descriptions of these courses under "services", and check out the list of availability under "book onl

Is your dog as happy as you?

When we talk about health and happiness humans with pets often talk about how their companionship adds to their own health and happiness. A quick two examples of this: petting a beloved canine helps lower our blood pressure, going for a walk with him/her is good for our mental health in turn both making us happier and healthier. But how can you tell if your dog is as happy as you? I am interested in learning your thoughts. #petbonding #happiness #mendedmutts

Why is regular exercise important for your dog?

Physical release of energy Mental stimulation Social engagement The list could be broken down more and more. Regular exercise of our dogs helps keep them healthy and happy, of course! In the Walks 'N' Wags Pet First Aid course we cover an entire topic of "preventative measures". Doing what it takes to maintain health and prevent unwanted ailments and promote a well balanced lifestyle, this includes regular exercise to help prevent obesity, destructive behaviour, and other u